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Sophos enterprise console not updating clients

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Contents 1 About this guide What are the key steps?

Upgrade Enterprise Manager Download new endpoint software Configure new policies and features Install Sophos NAC Technical support Legal notices...8 2 upgrade guide 1 About this guide This guide is for customers who already have Sophos Enterprise Manager and an associated license, and want to upgrade to Sophos Enterprise Console and an associated license. Under Upgrades made easy, download the Upgrade Advisor tool. Double-click on the download to install and run the Upgrade Advisor.

Ensure that any other software you need is selected. The Update Manager will now download your selected software and apply it to managed endpoint computers within approximately one hour.

If you chose to protect an operating system that cannot be protected automatically, such as UNIX or Net Ware, see the Sophos Endpoint Security and Control startup guide for Linux, Net Ware and UNIX for the instructions on how to install the software manually.

I subscribe to Mac updates, and SEC generates a binary Mac installer for me to use on Mac endpoints (Version 7 for Mac, also an older version).

However, when I run the installer on Mac endpoints, it installs fine but then never auto-fills out the location of the update server, which is on a network share, and the account credentials used to access it, which I do not know and were generated by Sophos automatically.

The program lies within Office Tools, more precisely Document management.

Enterprise Console makes managing your Sophos security easy.

This will also ensure that you are protected for the full length of your new license. Click Change next to Password and enter your new password. Go to Configure new policies and features (page 5) for information about how to configure policies for new features.- You'll get automatic alerts, and you can create and apply policies.- role-based administration lets you offload some daily tasks.Somewhere between 8.0.5 and the current 9.0.5, there would appear to have been a change in the internal structure of the Sophos Anti-virus Article Published: Tuesday, 26 November, 2013 Article Revision Date: Tuesday, 26 November, 2013 This site is not associated with the Microsoft Corporation.Enable directory browsing and test that you can open the following file: Note that Code Directory is a file and not a folder. Under the default metabase configuration in IIS, IIS will only serve files with known extensions and registered MIME types. The information on this page is provided as is and is free for those who visit to use.In this article we will show how to integrate Sophos Endpoint Protection’s Web Control module with Sophos UTM using Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC) policies.