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Der Chat hat viele Neuheiten (mehr als 400 Emoticons , animierte GIF Bilder im Raum, Action/Warheit Spiele, Bots um den Raum zu animieren (in der Script-Sprache Programmierbar), 3D Webcam Rume in denen Sie sich in einer virtuellen 3D Welt bewegen, ..).

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(Released )It's a battle of the first-person shooters! Plus, the duo talks Dragon Quest Builders, Trophies, and Spider-Man.Consoles have long become a commodity which found its way to many households.While you're waiting, may I suggest watching a few scary movies to get you in the mood for All Hallows' Eve? Find out which titles are coming up after the jump. If you're a PS3 owner, this will be a super easy (and free) task for you to complete, especially now that Sony has set you up with free Fright Flicks every Saturday on the Play Station Network. Install for the good of all The first time you fire up any PS4 game disc, it will begin installing all of its data to the console’s built-in hard drive, with different games handling this in different ways – some will require players to sit through a one-time data caching process, while others will do it in the background during, say, an intro sequence or tutorial level.

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When purchasing the console, any parent should acknowledge it is not the same good old console we all had in the past.

The capabilities of the 90’s consoles were limited to launching games from detachable cartridges, whereas now consoles are sophisticated devices offering a number of features, both useful and dangerous for the child.

Even with tech evolving at an unimaginably fast pace, the main use scenario for the consoles is, strange as it seems, gaming.

Sony wasn’t alone with Microsoft’s Xbox Live also hit by hackers.

“Gaming and social” features were limited Monday with owners of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles unable to play games online or communicate via chat.