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I hate it when it’s used in a discussion that seems to exclude me.But I love it that jargon exists, because it makes language so much more interesting.He is full of all kind of useless baseball knowledge that will make your head explode and none of which you will remember. You won't just hear about it that one time either, no, you'll hear about it for a while. He is absolutely crazy about his team, and after dating him for probably only a couple of months, you already knew which one it was.Until he gets over the hurt that he feels, deep in his soul. You'll think he's being ridiculous, which he is, but he's a baseball man.4. He probably has at least one hat with the logo, and a shirt or two.Please feel free to add any others I’ve missed in the comments section below. The meaning “sphere of activity or influence” is cited from 1963.“In the (right) ballpark”, meaning “within reasonable bounds”, dates back to 1968, and a “ballpark figure” or “ballpark estimate”, one that is reasonably accurate, dates to the year before that, 1967.

Clerks at groceries and general stores were looking for an easier way to reach canned goods -- like, say, corn -- on high shelves, so they started using long, hooked sticks to pull them down.So I guess I’ve got a love-hate-love relationship with it. I bring all this up because I kinda love some of the new jargon, especially when it’s highly specific and shows some sign of real creativity. LOOGY – John Sickels: In the fall of 1998, I was working on the 1999 edition of the STATS Minor League Scouting Notebook, the predecessor to the current series of Baseball Prospect Books I have been writing since 2003.The old scouting notebooks included a section devoted to one-line scouting reports on marginal prospects who didn’t merit full reports given our space limitations, but had a chance to sneak into the majors.I’ve got a love-hate relationship with lingo, or jargon.I love it when it’s shared amongst my friends, family, and followers.Brown told Uproxx that she met the texter on a dating app and considered not even responding to the text.