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Dating a vintage omega watch

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As of March 2004, OMEGA has added an outstanding feature on their official website.Their new OMEGA Vintage Information Database allows you to, after a brief registration, look up a lot of details on vintage models.Recent Omega watches usually carry their serial number on the case back or on one of the shoulders and are laser-etched very small digits.Older Omega watches may only have the serial number on the inside of the watch, which may require a jeweller or independent watch maker to open the case back.Note: After 1998 dating becomes more difficult as the serial numbers used no longer correspond with the date of manufacture.Omega Wristwatch Reference Number Decoder Most Omega wristwatches have a 7-digit reference number, some have a two letter metal/material code before the 7 digits to identify metal/material of the watch. XXXX - The first 2 letters identify metal/material.Often, the person will try to identify what they have by describing what it looks like.

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SSIH eventually became the third largest producers of finished watches and movements in the world.

Brandt, 23 years old, began by hand assembling watches from parts produced by local craftsmen.

When Louis Brandt passed away in 1879, he left the company to his two sons Louis-Paul and Cesar, who moved Omega to Bienne in January 1880.

These attempts come off sounding about as bad as trying to describe an exact car model by saying "I have a red Ford from the mid 1970's with a round steering wheel and black tires." Such vague descriptions usually match so many different models and styles that they accomplish nothing.

To get better results from trying to describe your watch to anyone, here are some tips: OMEGA keeps excellent records on all the watches they have made.