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Also, make sure it’s formatted as FAT32 and not NTFS.
Federation, 663062, Talovka, Lesnaya str., 10 flat 3; Russia, 127018, Moscov, Suchevskii val, 37; Rus.
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I get weak at the knees when Lee pronounces words in his rough Lancashire way of speaking, such as the way “butter” turns to “buh-uh” in his mouth.
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And make sure you remember all the things girls say to you as you may need that info later in these dating games for boys.
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Your child will always see the effort and hard work you put in, so each moment, you are amazing for your little one.
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I got tired of the hot and cold behavior, and I texted him (as he never seemed to want to call me or really spend any time with me) and told him I was getting the hint, I wouldn’t be bothering him anymore.